About me


I am Michael .Photographer, Homefoodlover and Social Worker from Dortmund Germany!  I am travelling the world since 2007  and got obsessed with cooking during my travels in Southeast asia and India. I love honest, traditional and authentic homecooking from all over the world- and for me the best way enjoy these dishes is being in the kitchen of a local family. Sometimes i couchsurf and other times i even get invited by lovely people on the streets . Iam sharing  recipes & stories of the journeys with you and hope you like them as much as i do.

Feel free to invite me to your home to cook your greatest recipe with me. I will be super happy to publish your Foodstory here. I hope to meet you soon 🙂 

My life as a Social worker:

In 2009 i have established a Non profit organization in Bodhgaya India where i live most of the year. The name of the Organization is A Bowl of Compassion. We now run 2 schools of which one is a school for girls in a rural village. Also we started a soupkitchen where we cook food for homeless and old people in need. If you are interested in supporting us please visit the website of A Bowl of compassion. http://www.bowlofcompassion.org 

If you ever wanna come over to visit me in Bodhgaya, you can stay at our attached Guesthouse- Charity Backpackers.

Simply mail me at : mail@bowlofcompassion.org

Here is a Video of the work we do in India 🙂 Hopefully I see you soon!

Much Love and light! Michael



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    1. Dear Roger, thanks so much for your kind words. That motivates me a lot. if you ever make it to India don´t hesitate to contact me. We always have a room for guests at our project 🙂 I wish you all the best and cannot wait to see more of your photography. Michael

      Gefällt mir

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